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 A.M.D.G. - Zuzana Jakimová - výroba liturgických odevov a doplnkov

Welcome to A.M.D.G. website – Anna Jakimová company

Enjoy the variety of products made by the company established in 1997, running up for home and foreign market.

Clarification of our products

All products are made of good and crease resistant materials, consisting of cotton, polyester, viscose. It cleans easily and after washing, it doesn´t loose it´s colour. Images are made by application technique or needlework.

New offers

:: Februar 2023 ::
Price list adjustment.
White vestments nr.: 441, 443, 445, 446
Marian vestment nr.: 434, 435
Green vestment nr.: 436, 437
Pink vestment nr.: 438
Purple vestment nr.: 439
Red vestments nr.: 440
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